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Luceti RP
Welcome to Heaven
20th-Oct-2007 05:49 pm

Please not that this is the OLD FAQ and that all questions have been updated. The new FAQ is HERE.


1. Where is my character?

You’re in Luceti, a world that is home to the race called Filial. It’s not a very technologically advanced place, the village is composed of small wooden houses and shops, but most are abandoned. Water comes from the wells dug around the village, and food is supplied in the shops at almost all times. The Malnosso are the ones with technology, but they’re not about to share most of it. They’re just giving you the basic needs to survive… so they can mess with you at their discretion.

2. Why is my character there?
Your character is here because the Malnosso’s machine brought them here. Your character has been turned into one of the Filial, so they are now going to be experimented on. The population of Filial is drastically low, so you are now a part of it.

3. Can my character leave?
Nope. Unless you drop somebody. In that event, it is like the Malnosso decided you weren’t a very good test subject and you were chucked back into your own world. But never fear, if somebody else wants that same character, our bad guys just may change their mind.

4. Can my character die?
Yes. Your character CAN die. But that doesn’t mean they should be doing it OFTEN. Some of the curses that the Malnosso will initiate will be deadly, such as a virus, or a hunter of some sort. Filial die if they lose their wings, so if somebody gets their’s cut off by another character, they will die. Death is something that HAS to be brought up with the mods. Hurting a character does not, but death is a big issue. If your character does die, they will be revived by the Malnosso. Genetically altered Filial can be revived. When they are brought back however, they will lose something important. A memory, an important item, or a power will be lost. And make sure that it is IMPORTANT. We mods have the right to refuse something if we don’t think it’s important enough.

5. Will my character know why they are here?
Not right away. The Malnosso will let them know eventually, and then characters can explain to new arrivals. But at first, everyone is going to be walking around going, “Why the hell am I here, and why do I have wings?”

6. Who is doing this?
The Malnosso. The Filial aren’t exactly sure what they are, but they know they are bad. In actuality, the Malnosso are demonic beings, who are also very technologically advanced. They are scientists, and doing what scientists do, they are running all sorts of tests and weird situations on the Filial to see physical and mental reactions. But your character won’t know that… not for a long time.

7. What can my character expect in the Luceti?
They can expect a lot of weird things. First off, they are waking up with wings, and alone in a virtually abandoned village. As they try to make some sort of lives for themselves, the Malnosso will be throwing experiments at them. Some are harmless, even funny, like gender swaps or weather changes. Others will be more harmful, or even deadly. So watch it.

8. Is my money of any use in Luceti?
No. Any money from any world brought into the village is completely worthless. Money won’t be needed, honestly. Everything will be provided.

9. Will there be events in Luceti?
Yup, every now and then. The events take the form of experiments, or as the Filial refer to them, curses. Everyone will be informed OOCly as to when an event will take place. They will last about a week, and participation is optional. Your character does not always need to be a test subject. However, get them involved sometimes, otherwise, it’s no fun.

10. What is the village like?
Luceti village is small and humble. The houses are wooden shacks, built carefully and to withstand most types of weather. There are, like I mentioned, wells around the village for water. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to contaminate them. The Malnosso have provided bathrooms in the houses, fortunately enough. Shops are located around the village, some with clothes, others with food, and some with some form of entertainment, such as board games and toys.

11. Is there health care?
Not really, the Filial really had no need for clinics. Most of their wounds and illnesses were healed by magic or herbs. Your character will learn to control their new magical abilities slowly, but not right away. If somebody does get sick, or hurt, hopefully there will be a healer character around to help, or somebody with knowledge of plants.

EDIT 05/19/2008 : Some of the characters have taken it upon themselves to open their own clinic! So yes, there is a clinic available.

12. My character has a magical ability. Can s/he use them in Luceti?
Too some extent. By being altered, most canon magic and abilities have been severely dampened. So they will not have unlimited power, even if their magic was all powerful back home, it’s not nearly what it was before. We are leaving it to the character’s muns to keep their characters abilities under control. If you start acting stupid, we will say something.

13. My character has a non-magical ability. Can s/he use them in Luceti?
Yes. All non-magical techniques are allowed, such as the ability to see traps or read minds, as long as they are within reason. The only exceptions are abilities that make them all powerful or indestructible, these abilities won’t work.

14. My character suffers from some sort of disease, disability, or injury. Will s/he still have it in Luceti?
In most instances, yes. As long as it is not immediately life threatening or would cause them constant suffering/keep them from suffering, then their problem will remain. (Examples of things that would be healed/removed before entering Luceti include: fatal wounds received prior to entering or the inability to feel pain.) However, for all impairments that remain, such as blindness or deafness, those are left alone. You can try to find a cure for it, but if it’s pivotal to the character, please take it up with a mod before curing it.

15. Are there monsters in the forest?
Not really. Most of the things in the forest are normal forest creatures like bunnies, deer, and squirrels. Maybe the occasional bear. And your character can now talk to them, as that is a Filial ability. However, sometimes, the Malnosso may throw in monsters as an experiment, so get ready.

16. How do the characters communicate within Luceti?
Ah, this is a big one. Communication is done through journals. The journals are hand written, but they are magical in their design. Therefore, things can be made private, or only be seen by certain people. You just have to write whether you want the entry to be private, filtered, or public. The journal will listen to you on most instances. Sometimes, if the character isn’t paying attention or something, a private entry can be hacked. We leave this up to the mun when they want entries to be hacked. PLEASE remember that everytime you post you DON'T have to be writing in your journal. It can be somebody talking, out and about, or you can do actions posts. It's not strictly written communication. Just please note when you are doing this, so people don't get confused.

17. What is time/day system like?
It is your average schedule; twenty-four hours in a day. There will also be seasons, just like on earth, summer, fall, winter and spring. The amount of light and dark in a day will pertain to the season.

18. Can our characters have jobs?
There really isn’t a need for jobs since food and clothes are provided. But if you want to start some sort of little business, then it is up to you. Think about what might be needed, or fun for your character. They are allowed to have some good times. Also, there is a school for the Filial. It is one of the largest buildings in the village, so it’s hard to miss. If your character wants to attend school, there is a teacher there, and some characters can be hired to fill the roles of teacher s who have passed.

19. What is the journaling system like?
It’s basically like a written live journal. A little picture, like your icon, will show up next to your comments on other’s entries. This way, others can see how your character is reacting to something. They can see a smile, a wave, or a look of disgust. Also, the journal is magic, so it can imprint your voice, if you tell it to. Voice entries will simply have to have ‘Voice post’ written on it. The journal will listen.

20. Is there a list of wanted characters I might check to see if I'm interested in any of them?
Mhm, there will be one! Check it out if you’re interested.

21. What if my character isn’t humanoid in appearance?
Alright, if you want a character that isn’t humanoid… say like… Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog, then we are leaving this up to you. If you want your character to be altered into a human form, go for it. If you want them to remain in their original form, but be given wings, that is fine too. Just please specify on your application which you are doing.

22. Filial magic?
Yeah, the Filial are born with the innate ability to use elemental magic. Your character will thus have this ability when they are altered. However, the magic they have is not very strong, especially at first. As time goes on, they may learn how to use it a little better, but in most instances it will not be needed.

Edit on 5/29/08: People have been asking about the filial magic itself. To be honest, there isn't much behind it, as it was never intended to be that important. But since people wanna know, I can explain. The magic the filial use is conjured using the help of spirits. Elemental spirits inhabit the world of Luceti and pretty much hand out the magic points so to speak.

Spirits talk to you if you talk to them. They may randomly bug someone from time to time for fun, since they're mischevious things and all. To get a spell going, your character calls out for the right spirit, either mentally or vocally, this is completely up to you. So for magic spells, you have to speak to the spirits first. For just plain conversation, they'll sometimes pop up for a chat on their own.

Magic won't jsut happen by talking to the spirits though. You have to practice and get the spirits trust. Unless your character is really in a bind the first time around that they need magic, practice to get spells down is required. If a character, however is freeezing or drowning, a spirit may lend power to save their life, despite magical practice.

23. Reserved characters?
Ah, you are allowed to reserve characters! Reserves will last for one week, unless you contact a mod with a problem and you need to extend. We do need a good reason though; someone else may really want that character.

24. What are the Tags?
The Tags are markings the Malnosso put on the Filial to keep track of the little buggers. All it is is this little barcode on the back of your character’s neck; it’s painless, and relatively easy to overlook, but marks your character as an experimental subject. Attempting to ‘cut it off’ is gross and pointless, since the Malnosso will just catch your character again and tag him or her once more.

25. Can our characters track down the Malnosso?
No sir. Their base is on the other side of the mountain range and heavily protected. There is also a barrier that renders it invisible, so good luck trying to find the damn thing, even if you manage that grueling hike through the wilderness.

Edit (6/14/08) by Egg: Okay, my fault here. The barrier is completely impassible by organic and inorganic things, but some light can filter through. In most cases it is refracted and renders what is beyond as invisible, but occasionally a glimpse of metal roofing far, far off in the distance and nestled hidden behind some trees can be spotted. That's all.

26. What happens when our characters first wake up?
Ah, good question. They are already in a house in the Luceti village when they wake up. The Malnosso have altered them and chosen a home for them, so they have a place to stay. ALSO, your character's original outfits are not on. Since they were being altered, men wake up in a white pair of pants, but with no shirt. Girls have a white dress-like smock with an open back. Their original outfits are given to them, but they'll have to cut holes in the back for their new wings if they wanna wear those clothes.

27. Are there NPCs?
Yes, a few. Some of the surviving Filial are still there. Just like you, they are tagged and unabled to leave. The head teacher at the school, as well as some shop owners and families are still haning around. Feel free to say you met one of them. If any character wants to become a teacher, contact Kris, as she will be acting as the "head teacher".

28. I want my character to have crazy cool mecha wings! Is that allowed.
No. All Filial wings are exactly the same. The size depends on your characters height and weight, but other than that they all look alike. Think of small angel wings. You are however, allowed to choose the color! Only solid colors please, no poka dots or stripes. And the wings aren't a violent shade of any color. They are pale shades.

29. What if my character already has wings/something on their back?
Ah, another good question. If your character had wings or anything of that nature before hand, they are now GONE. They have been replaced by Filial wings.

New 30. What should we do if we want characters to get married/have children, etc.? This is a good question, and one that came up recently. Marriage between characters is completely up to the muns, there is no real mod approval required. However, if you wish to have a large wedding, or something that may as well turn into its own event/affect a lot of characters, you should ask a mod as to when a good date would be to set the wedding. This way, there won't be any major events planned for the day of said marriage. You don't want fire raining from the sky while you're walking down the aisle.

As for children, Luceti will allow children to be born. Please take into account that this isn't a CRACK RP, so there won't be any random/male pregnancies. If two characters (Yes, they have to be male and female... sorry guys, that's just how biology works) decide they REALLY want to have kids together, the muns MUST discuss this with a mod. It is a BIG decision and it can place strain on the game. Please make sure the child will be accounted for and that it won't just be some random fluke. Kids are serious, even in RP. D: But remember, the only reason children can be born is because the Malnosso want new test subjects. They won't be exempt from some of the bad experiments that may go down. Please take this into account before your characters decide to have a child.

EDIT ( 08/08/2008 )

31. Posting Specifications

There are three ways you can use the journal system here at luceti.

1. As a regular journal.
Namely, just making a regular text entry. Self-explanatory.

2. As a recording device.
Your journal can record sound, so you can most certainly do an audio post. In order to do this, please put [Voice Post], [Audio Post] or something of that nature in the subject line, to specify. Please keep in mind that these don't need to run for about thirty minutes, so they shouldn't be about four paragraphs long.

3. For quick logs, or Action Posts.
We understand that logs are tedious and difficult to complete, so we're allowing the use of an Action Post. Simply put [Action] in the subject line of the post (or comment, if your comments turn out that way) and write out your character's actions using the following format:

[Adam walked down the road, his hands in his pockets. He glanced as the sky as he shaded his eyes with a hand; bright again today.]
Wonder when we'll see some rain.

[Continuing onward down the street, he was stopped by a friend.]

Like so. Using this format will unify the way everything looks on everyone's flists and just makes it that much easier to scan through things without trying to differentiate between different formats. If your Action Post is too lengthy, please use the logs comm. If it runs over three paragraphs, consider that lengthy. Thank you for your cooperation.

32. All done.
Any questions? Please comment here on this thread and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
23rd-Oct-2007 02:53 am (UTC)
My character has a magical object/weapon central to their canon. Will they have it in Luceti?
23rd-Oct-2007 06:58 pm (UTC)
Lavi, right?

Hmm...I think in this case, Lavi having his innocence is a big deal. So we'll compromise; Lavi can keep his hammer, but because his powers are terribly supressed, he won't be able to perform his seals, or enlarge it into that swaggering monstrocity.

Occurances that happen, such as experiments and curses, could possibly affect this, so keep a sharp eye out. ;D
26th-Oct-2007 04:04 pm (UTC)
On reserved characters; how many can we reserve?
26th-Oct-2007 07:10 pm (UTC)
Please try not to go above 4 at a time. ^^
26th-Oct-2007 11:37 pm (UTC)
The character I am thinking of applying for I am not sure if shes covered by FAQ # 12.

She is a mermaid princess and as such she has three forms.

1 - Mermaid
2 - Human
3 - Aquamarine Princess

She can transform between the three (water turns her instantly into a mermaid) and her singing voice has the power to banish evil and cheer the soul.

...would this be allowed? Considering her character it'd make her pretty much unplayable if it didn't so I'd think of someone else.
27th-Oct-2007 12:25 am (UTC)
Your character sounds fine. As stated, the Mermaid form will be fine as long as she keeps her wings, and isn't in it all the time. As for her singing, she will still have that power. It might just not be as strong as before.
28th-Oct-2007 03:11 am (UTC)
Just double checking, I saw up above that exorcists would be able to have their weapons/Innocence, so are there any specific restrictions Kanda would have with Mugen? And would his healing abilities be absent or just dampened too?

Thanks! ♥
28th-Oct-2007 04:47 am (UTC)
He would still have the weapon, but any powers that go along with it are severely suppressed. Healing powers go waaaaay down, but he can still heal minor cuts and bruises.

I hope that helps. If it doesn't, I'll get my other mods on it. :D
29th-Oct-2007 04:48 am (UTC)
Just to make sure, I have a few questions.

First and foremost, since I'm going to be applying for Zexion, and he has his share of abilities... would he still be able to use his illusions at all, or use dark corridors at all? Also, what of his Lexicon? I realize that you mentioned those things being severely dampened, but I'm mostly just wondering how all that would be handled.

Second - I assume that nobodies still lack hearts and the likes, correct? I'm only asking for the sake of clarification. ^^;
29th-Oct-2007 04:52 am (UTC)
Illusions will be very, very small. If he can produce any at all, they will fade within minutes. No dark corridors, sorry. I dunno what the Lexicon is. D:

Still no hearts, really. The Malnosso aren't that good. :|
29th-Oct-2007 07:32 am (UTC)
Question about timelines!

When applying for characters, do they need to be from the last installment? For example, Yuna. Does she need to be from FFX-2 or can she be taken from FFX?
29th-Oct-2007 05:29 pm (UTC)
She can be from whatever time you wish. ^^

FFX is just fine.
30th-Oct-2007 05:45 pm (UTC)
May be a strange and useless question, but does wing color signify anything? White for good, black for not so good, pink for this or that?
30th-Oct-2007 05:55 pm (UTC)
Nope, wing color means nothing. It's just up to the person whether they want simple white or something a bit more colorful It's just for variety. ^^
31st-Oct-2007 04:04 am (UTC)
Um, question!

I'm interested in taking Tir McDohl from Genso Suikoden. The thing is, he sort of has a sentient cursed rune on the back of his hand. Would he be able to draw upon its powers in Luceti, and would it still have awareness?
31st-Oct-2007 04:09 am (UTC)
The power would be SEVERELY diminished. He could only draw on it a little, an in dire situations.

It would still be sentient. But the Malnosso may like to bother him and study it periodically.
(Deleted comment)
2nd-Nov-2007 05:35 am (UTC)
You can't die permanently in Luceti anyways. So this ability would be just the same as everyone else here.

His regeneration would be severely cut in half.

That is up to you, whether you can work with him with his power cut.
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
2nd-Nov-2007 04:24 am (UTC)
Hmm, this looks interesting...

I'm considering applying as a paper master (link, haven't decided on a character)or Nancy Makuhari (link) from Read or Die.

1. I can see how a Paper User's ability can be weakened, but Nancy's ability to phase is...fairly potent. How would this be affected in Luceti?

2. Can I use an already-created character journal? It's a paid account and I don't want to do this twice. The character is currently involved in another roleplay.
2nd-Nov-2007 05:37 am (UTC)
Yes, her ability would still be weakened considerably. That's just the way it goes.

As long as it's not another journal roleplay, you should be fine. If it's a comm roleplay, you can use the journal here too.
2nd-Nov-2007 04:26 am (UTC)
Interrogation time~

What's the policy on guns here? Are they allowed? If not, would there be a way for a character to acquire another weapon like a crossbow or something similar?

Animal transformations: Y/N? It'd be a black cat... Yoruichi from Bleach? :D? So it's basically a question of her abilities.

Last thing. Do the characters remember everything from their home world?
2nd-Nov-2007 05:39 am (UTC)
Guns will be taken away. There is a weapons shop where the character could aquire simpler weapons like swords and bows.

I never considered this. I would say that the character could only do it a limited number of times a day. Like once or twice.

2nd-Nov-2007 02:10 pm (UTC)
Quick question. Would curses remain the same? (Say.. turning into a snake when hugged by a woman)

2nd-Nov-2007 05:35 pm (UTC)
Yessums~. ^^
2nd-Nov-2007 08:45 pm (UTC)
Can Allen still change into his Crowned Clown form? =D? On the one hand, it's his most powerful form. I think. But. Um. I don't mind powers being dampened. I'm in love with how it looks. >.>
2nd-Nov-2007 11:12 pm (UTC)
He could change appearances, but not use any powers.
2nd-Nov-2007 09:21 pm (UTC)
Heya ^^ little question:
Food and clothes are provided - does this count for cigarettes, too? (I reserved a smoker ^^°) And what about alcohol? XD~
2nd-Nov-2007 11:13 pm (UTC)
No drugs here, sorry. xD;;; But if he complains enough, the Malnosso might give them to him to shut him up.

Natural herbs and stuff grow in the forest though!
2nd-Nov-2007 11:09 pm (UTC)
Is this open to any fandom? Just curious. :3
2nd-Nov-2007 11:14 pm (UTC)
Any~~~ ♥
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