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A beautiful utopia of nature greets you upon your arrival. Rich, lush forests, sparkling rivers and lakes, sweet, clean air and majestic, towering mountains. A little slice of heaven.

What a pity that such a thing doesn't exist.

When you come to, you find a pair of superficial wings attached to your back; you feel an ache that fades after a time, and if bychance you find a kind stranger or a mirror, you may discover the bar code on the back of your neck. You've been branded, little mouse. Just be glad it wasn't something worse. Yes, that comes later.

Housing is free, everything is free. Certain villagers seem helpful, if completely lifeless. However, most villagers appear different; like you, they speak freely. Claim to have been transported from their own worlds, dumped here, given wings and experimented on mercilessly. Occasionally some will go missing. Occasionally, some will end up dead; but in the end they all return, a little less than what they were before. Before long such a thing could happen to you, too.

The people have tried their best to make life bearable here. It isn't difficult; aside from the experimentation and kidnapping, Luceti really would be a wonderful place to live. What a shame that the golden apple has to have a rotten spot, but so goes life. Or maybe...you can make a difference.

Only one way to find out.

Akai: Head Mod
AIM: guynophobic
E-mail: akaikitsunedono@gmail.com
Personal Journal: fontech

Masamune: Mod (Plot, Applications, NPC)
AIM: Masamune3x
E-mail: gamehiker@gmail.com
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Emily: Mod (Plot, Applications, NPC)
AIM: spark memories
E-mail: lonelydecember@gmail.com
Personal Journal: pathways

Kyo: Technical Mod (Reserves and Contact List)
AIM: CruxisKyosuke
E-mail: ainsoph.aur@hotmail.com
Personal Journal: kyosukekusaragi

Originally created by Kris
Previously modded by Eggy

Luceti can now be found on Dreamwidth

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